Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Interesting Facts about Street Action

Interesting Facts
  • Street Action are very amazing because you can get fit with those street can play with your friends and family member.It is a very exited things you can do when you are bored,and you have nothing to do in your spare time.

  • What  I like about street games is that you can create some games with your friends,and also your family.It’s fun because if your friends asked you do you have any games we can play you can say I do have a game to play.

  • Did you know that street games are played in the street( somewhere safe and sound.Because it’s called street games.Since there are more than 20 street game you can make up your own one with your friends if you are not doing anything at all.

  • Did you know that in my book there are lots of games to play.

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