Monday, 25 May 2015

Information report about Saturn.

Information Report

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Success Criteria
Clear categories with subtitles
Use questions to hook the reader in the introduction

Use sentences and paragraphs

Use facts to inform the reader

Use different sentence starters


Start writing here…
Have you ever want to know more information about Saturn.This is a good information report for you!

Saturn is a beautiful planets,also you can not go to that planets because there is no air in Saturn.Did you know that Saturn is the brighter planets in the solar system??? The rings is made out of rock and ice.

Did you know that Saturn is the second biggest planet in the solar system, Saturn orbits the sun and it orbits itself.Saturn is very light and some people say that if you got a big enough bucket and saturn fell in the bucket saturn would float on the water in the bucket.

Many people explore the colour of Saturn,the colour is like yellow and rainbow colour (some of them,Yellowish brown)In Saturn it has  liquid gas.

The ring is made out of ice crystals and in Saturn it like a destiny,it’s yellow and dusty.The rings is so amazing to see,you can see it because it is brighter to see it without a  telescope. Saturn is named for the Roman god Saturn,and know for the Greek.
Saturn has many rings around Saturn,may planets has rings,but you can not see them,only Saturn.

Saturn is a nice planet,I learn many things about Saturn.I hope you like my report about Saturn!


  1. Hi Cicilia
    I like your information report about Saturn there's lots of information about Saturn

    By Tai

  2. Chris 29.5.15 8.37.
    Hi Ciclia
    i like your information report about saturn.

  3. Hi Cicila,
    I like your Saturn Information report it is very nice has heaps of information

    From Anas

  4. Hi Cicilila,
    I really like your information report you are very specific of your words, I really like how you used heaps of information in this information report. I also really like how you really clearly subtitles to show the reader which paragraph it is.
    From Shreya


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