Thursday, 6 August 2015

Making pancakes

Today in the hall,we was making pancakes with Mrs Vai,she was helping us to do the pancakes,after when we done the pancakes.We start to eat them,after the girl was clearing the mess ,and the boys was doing there learning


  1. Hi,Cicilia did you like making the pancakes how did you feel when you were taking the videos and pictures?Did you feel a bit scared or nervous?I did.
    From lorna

  2. Hi Cicilia, I really like your piece of writing you wrote about how you made the pancakes. Maybe next time you could check your work and see if it makes sense. And did you like your pancakes?

    By Destiny (WIS)

    1. Yes my pancakes was so yummy.
      Thanks for asking,

  3. Hi Cicilia,
    I like your piece of writing. Did you feel a bit nervous? Was it easy to clear out the mess? Maybe next time you should check your writing if it makes sense and fix your spelling mistakes.

    From Petulisa


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