Thursday, 28 July 2016

Week 1 Dance

Hello Everyone,
Today we went to the hall for dance session,all of us was surprised that we have dance session today.We started of with a game called Hokey Pokey.After that game that we played,we played another game called follow the leader.My favorite game was follow the leader,because we get to follow the leaders move.We also played another game called Freeze,it was an amazing game to play,we learnt many moves from all the games we have played with Emily. Next the lady (Emily) tell's us that we use the fist letter of our name to make our own dances moves.We were divided in to 3 groups so we can learn and share our dance moves with each other.After that we share our dance with the audience.All of the performance was absolutist brilliant to see all those new moves they have created.The hard part in the session was Freeze because I could not really hear her voice.The easy part in the session was following the leader because we see when she is doing another move or doing the same move.
                                                   Here are some photos from Dance 
Tai and Vonairay and me performing our dance

Here is another group showing there letters

Here is 3 people making a S


  1. Hello Cicilia,
    I really like how you done a very big post with all of the things we did. I think you should go and check your post again. You should even fix the mistakes. I really like it tho.
    From Anas

  2. Hello Cicila,
    I really love how explain, that you found the dancing easy, because that shows you reflection, so well done Cicila.
    The thing that you have to fix is that you have to re-read you work, so good on you.

    By Lanu.

  3. Kia Ora Cicilia,
    What an awsome blog post you have done about the dance session we had, I loved the way you added captions to your pictures so people know what they are doing in the photo great job. Make sure you re-read it so it can make scene but other wise it is a fantastic blog post well done.
    Keep up the hard work!


  4. Hi Cicilia i like what you have wrote about and the the photos that you did they are fabulos.


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