Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Explanation about the Moon

Explanation writing

WALT: I am learning to write an explanation.

Success criteria
I have used an interesting title that tells the reader what my writing is about

I have used a general statement to introduce the topic

My writing explains how one thing leads to another

I have used time connectives to show the order of the process (…)

I have organised my text using paragraphs

I have linked together 2 or 3 sentences to show cause and effect (so…if…this causes...this makes...because)

I have used technical vocabulary

I have used capital letters, full stops and commas

Use this chart to help you to write an explanation on the 8 phases of the Moon.

The phases of the Moon

Have you ever wondered why the Moon can look different every night? There are eight key phases that the Moon goes through every 29.5 days, which is the same as one month.

The Moon rotate around the Earth about 29 days.Also the Moon has different phases.Did you know that there are eight phases,the phases are New Moon,waxing crescent,First Quarter,Waxing Gibbous,also Full moon,Waning Gibbous,Last Quarter,Waning crescent.

The New Moon is covered because there is no light in the Moon.Also you can not see the New Moon that well.The New Moon is dark because you can see it that well of the shape.Also the New Moon has the out line that you can see but not all of them.


  1. Hey Cicilia,
    I enjoyed reading your explanation about the Moon. It is very interesting to see you writing about the phases and briefly explaining what happens in a New Moon. Check out my blog to see what I done with my writing. Here:

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  2. Hi Cicilia,
    Your explanation is very interesting and helpful. Just make sure your writing makes sence next time. Also, I wonder, Were you got this information from?
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    From: Nikolai


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