Saturday, 12 March 2016

My Reflection about Softball

In the Last 4 weeks we have been playing Softball,when Softball finished we started to write a reflection about what have we learnt in Softball.And this is my Reflection about Softball.Hope you enjoy my writing.Leave a comment.


  1. Talofa lava Cicilia,

    Reading your reflection about softball kind of made me feel like i should play softball.I am really impress with your skills. I am proud that you have been sharing your learning with others so they can know a little more about how to play softball.Thank you for sharing out your skill God bless you and your family

    You firendly

  2. Hi Ciclila

    I like the why you have used your beautiful colours,and that's why I looks beautiful but why did you changed your colours.

    From Vaidika

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  4. Hi There,
    Good job Your reflection made me want to play softball but maybe next time you could make your story a little easier to read.:)

    1. Thank you for that comment.I will might change that font.Have a nice day.


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