Monday, 14 December 2015

2015 Reflection

This year was a wonderful year because I learnt many things that I never heard or see.I know this is my last blog post. I have made my parents proud of my learning,because when I come home I always tell my parents what I learnt today,and last week.And also I am so exited of being a year six,but I am sad that I am leaving my lovely teacher Mrs archer.I am proud of myself following the hay park way every time,even when I am not told to I still show the hay park way.Being a year five this year was the best because we get to share our learning around the world so everyone will know that we been learning many things in class and out of class.Mrs Archer been a lovely teacher this year she helped us in all of our learning areas.When I came in room eight I did not know anyone not even my teacher,when she said her name I know she will be the best teacher this year. Next year is going to be amazing because we are going to find out our teacher next year.For next year i will so miss Mrs Kingston because she been a lovely teacher in room seven.I will miss all of my class mates because some of my class mate are going to another school,and another country.

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