Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Tips for using How to change your background on your chromebook.

Room 19 Owairaka school has new Chromebooks. But they don't know how to use there Chromebooks because they have not learn anything.So I found this blog post on Room 19 Digital Learners.We have great skills here in Hay Park we decided to make a screencasify recording to hep them.

Check out my clip on  how to change your background.


  1. Kia ora Cicilia!
    What an informative video. I'm going to go and change the background on my Chromebook now :) Do you have a favourite background you like to use? I always like to have a nice picture of something out in nature.

    Mrs Archer

  2. Hi Cicilia,
    What an awsome screen cast you have done with Jahleena ,I hope Audrey will be an expert of changing backgrounds of our Chromebooks or any other devices. You both are fantastic!

    From Tai


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