Thursday, 19 May 2016

Week 3 Gymnastic

Hello Everyone,Today we had week 3 gymnastics. Today our focus was landing, we learnt how to do the landing probley,why we are focusing on this because so we won't fall down on our face and not crack our bones in our legs and our back.We learnt many skills like landing why you are rolling down the mat, We learnt how to jump while we are twisting , and other things.

Here is some pictures of Gymnastic
Here is ME putting my legs up in the sky

Here is all of us putting our hands on our feet

Here is vadiaka putting her legs down and putting her hands on her feet

Here is Anas doing the same thing as vadika 

Here is putting one leg up in the air and one down the ground


  1. Talofa Cicilia,
    Did you know that I love to do Gymnastics with you, I also love to do the Tuck shape, and the L shape, it is so really awesome and amazing to do gymnastics.

    1. Thank you laun for that special comment.I really enjoy doing gymnastic with you too.See you soon

  2. Hi Ciclia,
    I really like that you have put captains in your pictures. It was funny when Kane lifted you upside down. Was comfortable when Kane lifted you up?

  3. hi cicilia,
    you all did very well...was it just your class that did it?and did you enjoy it hope you had a great time


    1. Thank you Tess for that comment,And no it not just our class.And I also enjoy doing gymnastic.


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