Monday, 30 May 2016

Week 5 Hockey

Hello Everyone,
Today we have been playing a game called Hockey.Our focus is not putting your stick up in the air and not kicking your stick on other peoples foot,last but not less is that if you do something wrong you go out the side and wait for your turn.The games was between boys vs girl we had a great time learning new skills.We learnt how trick people by fake passing it to the other person but you are going on the other side.Hockey was an interesting game because we all share how we feel about the game and how it is interesting.Today we went to hockey to learn more and more interesting moves and skills from each other by listening and learning fro m each other.That is why we went to hockey to learn from each other.Scott class was very happy because they get to have a game and they were talking about it on there way to school.The most interesting part of hockey is seeing all of our faces.
Here is some pictures
Here is our class playing hockey

Here is Tui passing the ball

Everyone playing

Passing the ball 

Everyone going to the ball


Sanuoa trying to get the ball


  1. Hi Cicilia,
    I really love your blog post its really stands out. You are really good at hockey and I learned to try and bent my knees.

  2. Hello cicilia,
    It looks like you had lots of fun playing hockey.What did you find hard when you were learning about hockey? Did you have fun learning new skills.You are probably a pro because you have been playing hockey for quite a while.You are a great example for Scott class.Keep the great work up!

    From: Lorna


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