Friday, 5 August 2016

Week 2 Dance

Hello Everyone,
Today we have been dancing with the wonderful Emily.We learnt many different game in dancing today.The first dance game was called follow the leader,follow the leader is a game when the front person get's to do what ever moves and the rest follow the move that the leader is doing.And we change over when the bell rings.We learnt other new games,Scott Class was very very excited to learn new games from Emily.We really really really enjoy dancing with Emily,she is the best choch we have ever had in the world.She teach us many many different awesome dance moves.
Here are some photos 
Here is a group making a star

Everyone making a circle with there buddys

Here is another group making a square 


  1. Kia ora cicilia and class I can see you guys having so much fun.Also I love how you did the shape of the star.Did you guys have fun doing follow the leader and the amazing games?

    1. June,I really enjoy your comment you have made on my blog.It is really interesting how you think about my blog post.It is so amazing to hear what you think.Also it was fun doing follow the leader and playing all those amazing games.Cicilia


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