Friday, 15 May 2015

100 Word Challenge

This week we tried out the 100 Word Challenge.

WALT write a descriptive story in only 100 words!
The 100 word challenge is a challenge to write a whole story in only 100 words! You can check how many words you have written by highlighting your writing and pressing Ctrl, Shift, C at the same time. Good luck!
Make sure you think about your story and read it to yourself when you have finished to check it is as good as it can be!
Your prompt this week is:
I will be successful when:
I have used 100 words

my writing makes sense

have at least 1 complex sentence

have used full stops and capital letters, and one other form of punctuation (! , “ “ )

First use the complex sentence planner to start your writing.
Begin writing here:
The girl was getting some food from the trees,once when the bird came the little girl was so scared that she needs to run back home.When she run back home the bird catches her when she was running.After that the bird had to stop,because his mother said ‘’ his mum said come here or you go and get some food for us”.When it was nearly night time the bird was gone when the girl was sleeping outside the backyard  of the house,When it was morning the girl said where is the bird, her mum said it was a dream.

Word count:105

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  1. Hi Cicilia,

    I loved reading your 100 word challenge. Did you find it hard to write a whole story in only 100 words? I find when I have tried the 100 WC I have to really choose my ideas carefully.

    I look forward to seeing more of your learning.
    Mrs Archer


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