Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Information report about Mercury

We are learning to write an information report about a topic related to space.

By Friday 5 June you need to have written and edited your information report on a topic related to space so that it is ready to be published.

Here are some ideas to write
  • Jupiter
  • Astronauts
  • Earth    
  • The Moon
  • Eclipses
  • Stars

My topic is:

You need to attend one workshop with the teacher on an area that you feel you need help with for your writing. Here is the timetable where you will make your bookings. There is space for seven people in each workshop so book in quickly to make sure there is space!

Start researching and plan your writing here: (remember to write notes in your plan). Click here to see an exemplar of a plan.

Main idea: Appearance
Mercury look like the Moon.

More detail: Size
328.5E21 kg (0.055 Earth mass).
Mercury is the closely planets to the Sun.

More detail:  Mercury energy
Mercury has almost no atmosphere  to trap heat,
Main idea: Mercury is grey

More detail:
More detail:
Main idea:

More detail:
More detail:

Success Criteria for writing. Click here to see an exemplar of an information report about Mars.

Level 3
Student Targets:
Audience and Purpose
  • Identify my audience and purpose for writing.

  • Write clearly and include all important information.

  • Add factual detail to expand my ideas.

Structure: including punctuation and grammar
  • Use different sentence starters.

  • Join some ideas using conjunctions such as: when, while, after, since, until, if, because, although, that

  • Organise my ideas into paragraphs and sequence my ideas so that my writing flows.

  • Use subheadings for each new paragraph to tell the reader what it is about

  • Check that I am writing in the present tense (for example: the sun is a ball of fire; the stars are shooting through the sky)

  • Use a range of punctuation correctly.    (.,?!)

  • Identify and correct most spelling errors.

  • Improve my writing so that it is more enjoyable/informative for the reader.

Start your writing here:

Mr Mercury
Did you know that Mercury is 328.5E21 kg (0.055 Earth mass).

 The planet Mercury looks a little bit like Earth's moon. Like our Moon, Mercury's surface is covered with craters caused by space rock impacts.Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.

The size of Mercury is 2,440 km,Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system.The closest planet to the sun,is Mercury.

Mercury engine
Earth, it appears to move around the Earth its orbits in about 116 days.Besides you know that the Moon orbits the Earth and the Earth orbit the Sun.In fact did you know that Mercury is hot,because Mercury is next to the Sun,that why Mercury is a hot plnaets.

Facts about Mercury
Did you know that Mercury is one year on Mercury is only 88 Earth days long.Also Mercury

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