Sunday, 5 July 2015


What I like about the Holiday?
On the Holiday's we went shopping in the after noon,and we had so much like playing with your mum and dad.Going to the park,and playing with my friends and family in hockey.The fun part is being with my family and having a nice day with them.

What was the the bad part in your Holiday?
The bad part was,on Saturday it was raining hard and hard out. And it was not on,but it was on,in Monday after noon.

What was the good part in your Holiday?
The good part was riding my bike to the park,and we was watching a movie when we are done.And also the movie was a Samoa movie.Next I was watching the TV.The movie makes me cry,and it is a sad movie.

Thank you!
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  1. HI Cicilia,
    Your next steps are to make sure that your blog post makes sense, keep going over it till it is perfect and makes sense.This was awesome.
    From Shreya


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