Thursday, 12 May 2016

Gymnastic Week 2

Hello Everyone,Today we have been doing Gymnastics.And now it is Week 2.We learnt many skills,like Monkey craw,Some people learnt how to do a hand stand,and a cartwheel.And other skills we learnt.We learnt these skills because to keep our brains and our energy going and going to learn and to stay focus.Gymnastics is an a amazing thing.We do gymnastics every Thursday.My best skills that I like this week is the Monkey Craw because it is a new and fun skill that I learnt in Gymnastics.Also we learnt how to do the bunny hop.
Here is some pictures we done in gymnastics
Here are the girls doing the handstand on the wall

And here is lanu balancing on one foot

Last but not less here is touching his hand on his feet

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