Thursday, 23 June 2016

Celebrating Matariki Create Task

Hello Everyone,
Today I have been creating a kite,we were creating a kite because it is almost Matariki Day.How I got the information from is from the book of Celebrating Matariki. This is for my create Task for Reading.
Here is my photo


  1. Hi my name is Hilary and I’m from Room 9 in Waikowhai Primary School. Your Matariki presentation looks really cool. I love your pattern and colors you colored it really matches the pattern and the two colors go well together. Does everyone have to do that in your class? Do you stick them on the wall or cut them?
    From Hilary

    1. Thanks for that comment you made in my blog,we don't really need to do that,and also we just do that because it was for a reading in our create task that we need to do.Thanks

  2. Hi Cicilia,
    I really like how you do your art and that was the best art I have ever seen and it was awesome and you are the best artist in the world


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