Friday, 14 October 2016

SPCA Book Launch

Hello Everyone,
On Wednesday night,there was a SPCA book launch that had happen in the school hall. There was the author John Carr and there was different kinds of illustrator in each book. The illustrator that came to the SPCA book launch was Astrid Matijasevic .There were a lot of SPCA people that came and some parents.My favorite part of the  night was meeting all of the cute dogs,and the owners of them.First the Kapa Haka performed a beautiful dance to start of the night.There were different kinds of food to eat and share.The author John Carr wrote a lot of books.
Also there are some photos from the night I hope you like them.
Kapa Haka 

Reading to the Cute dogs

Look at the dog sleeping

Reading to the dog


  1. Hi Cicilia,

    The dogs were gorgeous weren't they! Did you enjoy reading to the dogs? I think it's such a great way to practice your reading and I know the dogs enjoy it. Don't forget to reread your post before you publish it to check that it makes sense.

    Mrs Archer

    1. Thank you Mrs Archer for that comment.I really enjoy reading to the dogs,and also it is a good way to practice my reading. Also I will check my writing before I publish. Thank you Mrs Archer.


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