Thursday, 11 August 2016

Our Special Guest

Hello Everyone,
Today in the Library,there was a special guest that came to our school to have a visit to the our lovely seniors.He is a famous man and he have competed in the Olympics 3x,and his name is Andrew Nicholson,his sports he plays is called Speed Skater it is a Winter sport.Also did you know he plays other different kinds of sports like Cycling,and riding a Kano.He came to our school to ask questions and answer them,but the most thing he really came to do is to try different sports and live life like him.He is a special man because he help children to make there dreams come true,by believing in your self's and show respected to the other people.
Here are some pictures
Here is everyone trying to copy him

Here is Andrew showing us the shoe Skates

Here is Andrew doing something cool

Here is Scott Class asking qeustions

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