Thursday, 25 August 2016

Reflection about Toolkits

Hello Everyone,
My reflection about toolkit is meeting other people and learning from them,and teaching what I have learnt to those people from other schools that came to Hay Park School's toolkit.My other reflection was learning new tricks and skills from other kids,they helped us when we need help.I had a wonderful day presenting with Alsakah and showing other kids what we have learnt and meeting new people that I haven't meet before in my life.The people as very very nice,they introduce there names to me and they talk to me about what they have learnt in our school and what they really enjoy about learning new tricks and skills and things from the presenter from other schools.What I learnt about toolkits is learning how you use and create a year books and books with google drawing,it is really interesting to hear what other people thinks about Hay Park School and hearing different things about our learning we done and what we do in Hay Park School.

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