Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Week 7 Hockey

Hello Everyone,
Today we went to hockey to practice more skills from Barry Bryan.Our focus this week was sweeping the ball,and how to keep your hockey stick in the right decriction. We all listen to what Barry,what we are doing,and what we are starting of with.We all chose our buddy,and he said to do sweeps with your buddy's. When we finished done that.We end with a game,we all split up into boys vs girls.We all passed the ball to each other and we all communicate with each other what we are doing.When the game almost finished,the girls almost scored a goal,but we lost.Scott class enjoy learning new skills from Barry Bryan,we al had fun playing hockey,and learning new things from each other.
Here is some pictures
Everyone playing Hockey
Here is Roman passing the ball to his buddy

Here is everyone passing the ball to thee buddys

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  1. Hi Cicilia,
    I love your photos there very nice and good pictures. I wonder when do you have our tournament because I was hoping to see you play. I love that Scott Class has learnt a new Focus and I was thinking if you could tell me what does Sweeping mean? I love your blog post.
    And here's some feedback: Make sure you space after you put a fullstop:):):)
    From: Emah


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