Thursday, 9 June 2016

Week 6 Gymnastics

Hello Everyone,
This week we have done more of gymnastics in week 6.Our focused was Manipulation skills,Manipulation is a object that you move with.For example  if I had a hula hoop,I will spin the hula hoop on my arm so that it can move.First we started of with game,called stop like a statute.We all warmed up our brain and body to start our section.So we split us up in to even groups the other team is going to start on the other side,and the other team it going to start on the other side of the hall,we he said stop,we all  switch places so we can have a turn in each section.When we were done,we done some our last week focused so we can remember what we have learnt in gymnastics.And that was week 6 gymnastics.Hope you enjoy,see you later.

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